Argy’s Cafe Enjoy Coffee & Wine in Tinos

Argy’s is an amphitheatric Cafe & Wine Bar Restaurant in Tinos Town, right at the new port, where one can enjoy from early in the morning till late at night a special coffee branded VERGNANO 1882, taste any of the succulent handmade sweets and cakes of the day and try the special sandwiches offered on our premises. Argy’s operates as well as a Wine Bar Restaurant and our aspiration is to show you what quality wine really means. Surely, the above scene is topped with a view of the deep blue sea next to Tinos port, where you can enjoy your drink while waiting for the ferry to arrive or take-out your coffee before going to the beach.

Argy's Coffee & Wine Lovers Argy's, Cafe - Wine Bar

Summer Grill

Argy's Wines

A Winery experience

Wine Collection A walk-in cellar made of glass

  • Clos Stegasta Mavrotragano (Red)

  • Vinsanto Wines (Sweet)

  • Clos Stegasta Assyrtico (White)

  • I Dylle D' Achinos(Roze)

  • Passion Blue (Blue)

  • Ela Gold 23K (Sparkling)

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A great Cafe & Wine Bar Restaurant with friendly staff next to the new port of Tinos. Its ideal to enjoy your coffee or drink, while waiting for the ferry to arrive. The atmosphere and ideal location make you wonder between landscapes and flavours. I recommend tasting a special glass of wine and enjoy a meal or even take-out your coffee with you.
Argyris Orfanos

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Monday - Friday: 08:30am - 02:00am
Saturday: 08:30am - 02:00am
Sunday: 08:30am - 02:00am

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Argy's Coffee & Wine Lovers is a Wine & Bar Restaurant located just above the new port of Tinos. We serve coffee, drinks, cold drinks, beverages, sandwiches, proper meals and a great wine collection in a friendly atmosphere with a lovely landscape while balancing between flavours and colors.
You can also take-out your coffee with you, to start your day.

Address Argy's Coffee & Wine Lovers
Leoforos Stavrou Kionion, Tinos, Postcode 84200
Tinos - Cyclades
Aegean - Greece

Tel: +30-2283-306702

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