Argy’s Cafe & Wine Bar Restaurant: A Journey to Pleasure

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Argy's - A journey of pleasure in Tinos

You may wonder what happens when local origins coexist with passion, quality and experience. When two men, fine Greek wine and quality coffee lovers, coexist with two ladies who know and love quality dishes and special handmade sweets. Then and only then Argy’s Cafe & Wine Bar Restaurant opens its gate and welcomes everybody to a trip to delight!

Everything started several years ago when the two mature men, the one coming from Xynara and the second one coming from Steni, had a dream. As they used to spend their holidays, as young children, in Tinos, their vision was to return to their roots and to get involved with the local quality products.

Having original ideas, Argy’s aims to take you over. It’s either because of its unique coffee, named VERNANO 1882, or because of the breakfast it is served there which is simple and of high-quality. Another reason is the sweets and the handmade pies or the sandwiches (made with different kinds of bread), which are a world apart from the ones we are used to eat. The last reason, but not less important than the others, is the fact that Akis Orphanos produces his own wine and brings to Argy’s fine Greek (and some imported) wines from all the different regions of the country and of course all the wine labels coming from the blessed land of Tinos.

If you wish to know us purely as a wine bar & bistro, Mirella Orphanou recommends fresh salads, cheese and cold meat platters, pies, stew, delicious sausages, cheese fondue and many others.

Even if a single glass of wine is your desire, you can enjoy it as we use the Coravin Wine System which allows us to keep the wine fresher for longer. And don’t miss to pair your wine with selected nuts stored in airtight container.

As for the desert, you can enjoy some fresh handmade sweets as apple pie or “ravani cake” with carrot, “kaimaki” ice cream in wine sauce, affogato (vanilla ice cream in espresso coffee)or the unique walnut caramel cream.

We look forward to your visit to Argy’s!


Leoforos Stavrou Kionion
New Port of Tinos – Tinos Town
ΤEL 2283306702


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