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Healthy & Fresh Meals

Providing delicious food & appetizers with fresh local ingredients, cooked by our professional Chef’s. Enjoy your meal!

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Coffee VERGNANO 1882

By choosing from the best and oldest company from Italy, we guarantee you that you’ll love our coffee. We also offer reduced prices on take-out coffee.

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Special Wine Collection

ARGY’S operates as well as a Wine Bar Restaurant and our aspiration is to show you what quality wine really means.

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Argy’s Friendly Environment

Argy’s is an amphitheatric Cafe & wine Bar Restaurant in Tinos Town, right at the new port, where one can enjoy from early in the morning till late at night a special coffee, taste any of the succulent handmade sweets and cakes of the day and try the special sandwiches offered on our premises.

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Relax with an amazing Sea view

Either waiting for the ferry or enjoying a coffee in a friendly environment, relax by gazing at the beautiful landscapes and sea views.

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Coravin Wine System

Best Flavours and Tastes as are using Coravin Wine System, which allows us to keep the wine fresher for longer.

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Fresh Local Tinian Ingredients

Chossing the best ingredients every day helps us provide you with fresh and quality food.