Wine & Coffee near Tinos port

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Wine & Coffee near Tinos port

Are you looking for a place to enjoy a great coffee or a special wine, in Tinos port, while waiting for the ferry to arrive?

Argy’s Cafe & Wine Bar Restaurant is just above the port of Tinos, serving you drinks, cocktails, coffee, beverages, cold drinks, meals, appetizers and a great collection of wines to choose from.

Wine & Coffee near Tinos port

Wine & Coffee near Tinos port

Even if a single glass of wine is your desire, you can enjoy it as we use the Coravin Wine System which allows us to keep the wine fresher for longer. And don’t miss to pair your wine with selected nuts stored in airtight container.

As for the desert, you can enjoy some fresh handmade sweets as apple pie or “ravaging” cake with carrot, “kaimaki” ice cream in wine sauce, affogato (vanilla ice cream in espresso coffee)or the unique walnut caramel cream.

We look forward to your visit to Argy’s Cafe & Wine Bar Restaurant!

Argy's - A journey of pleasure in Tinos

Argy’s – A journey of pleasure in Tinos

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